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Aincha just sick of being promised a horrible, gnarly noise and getting a whole load of polished, whiny pop-rock instead? Fear not, there are no such concerns with Urochromes. These guys know their Touch & Go from their SST; their Scratch Acid from their Flipper; their mutilated guitar rifferama from their serrated musical bludgeoning. The Beat Sessions crams the sounds of your favourite pigfuck bands into a winningly ostentatious collision of pre-programmed drums and manic rawkundrol lunacy. Like all the best punk collectives, they know brevity is key and so no song even gets within spitting distance of two minutes long. Likewise they know this whole ‘rock music’ thing is a scam so we may as well all play along with gusto, leaving you with a record you’ll play over and over and over until your stereo gives out (or your bony, malnourished fingers finally snap with the repeated effort).

Jackieboy and Dick Riddick first teamed up in Western Massachusetts before embarking on their mission to bring horrible, gnarly noise direct to you, the public. Their fearsome live reputation sees ‘em tearing strips off the eardrums of all present – and how – but while ‘great live bands’ often fail to translate their skills to record, Urochromes’ cassettes and slabs o’wax deliver the good stuff by the lorryload. They’re a summer holiday in the earth’s core; a dumpster dive outside the nuclear power plant; a beautifully poetic mash note written in faeces and bile. They’re everything you need right now and more – go get ‘em.
Will Fitzpatrick.


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