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In his third work Trau give us an urgent Hardcore lesson impregnated in high doses of punk existentialism. There was a time when lxs punks illuminated a subgenre that brought nihilist rock from the late 70s to levels of distortion and speed never before interpreted. These four boys from the premises of the Hippodrome welcome this visceral slope characterized by accurate and intense cuts executed with the precision of a surgeon. While one of the characteristics of this sound is the lack of ‘technique’ as well as the simplicity in the compositions, these are often supplemented by ingenious riffs and many hours on the premises. In the 8 bombazos of this disc everything is reflected, as well as those characteristic moments at half time that give to this stick those streets airs. Great cover by Bernat Mundial that follows the line of his previous artifacts (the cassette and the previous 7 “) as do his lyrics in Majorcan where feelings of anguish suppurate as a cathartic diarrhea of ​​agony, pain and hate. The streets of beautiful Palma, with passion and humility, the best ambassadors of their sewers .

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