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Nope, not a typo, Pura Manía released another 7″ along with the other. Perhaps an LP would’ve made a lot more sense, financially and physically, but hey, they’re doing their own thing, and if they want to release a set of four 5″s instead, I’m not going to stop them. I think I actually prefer this single of the two: the first track “Sospechoso” has this beautiful chiming guitar lead that I’d expect out of No Hope For The Kids or The Clash even, but Pura Manía are claiming this one for themselves, busting down the doors of Tim Hortons in their jean jackets and chains-for-belts. The vocals are starting to remind me a bit of the guy from RF7’s throaty bark, maybe with a touch of the Raw Power guy, but yeah, no matter who you end up hearing in Pura Manía there’s no denying their time-tested hardcore style.

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