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Polite Sleeper is the new folk punk, experimental side-project from Jason (guitar) and Tim (drums) of The Yellow Press (Day After). Pretty crazy stuff at times, but the songs are simple and sweet and all about missing one thing or another, about the new challenges and new relationships since moving from San Francisco to Brooklyn, NY nearly two years ago.
More important, PS is a punk band. They’re 100% DIY, choosing to record in living rooms and kitchens, exclusively. They keep traffic noise and dead notes as reminders of that, and stay true by playing basements and warehouses, even proper clubs where they don’t quite belong, but take the chance at meeting like minds anyway. They believe it and you should too.
The forthcoming CD/EP from Sabotage retains the spastic live energy one expects from The Yellow Press, but unplugs the action, turns down the volume and shakes things to a more folk country tune. Jason and Tim tell stories now. They scream and sing about drinking and missing one thing or another, and with the addition of a full time keyboard player, the whole mess sounds like Xiu Xiu challenging the Mountain Goats or Bright Eyes to a proper pub fight.

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