3 new songs packed with no-nonsense, nasty and distorted poliical hardcore following the Dutch tradition.

Oust is a band with 5 individuals that know eachother for years trough the magical world of DIY punk bands. We are based in Amsterdam and Nijmegen but one of our guitarist decided to live in Rome which is quite far away.
We all played in bands before, there is a good chance we met somewhere before 🙂
There is plenty of stuff to be angry about these days and we like to put that energy in our music, we do not believe in happy endings or a good outcome we are going straight into the abyss.
That doesnt mean we love to play the music we play, playing shows and meeting our friends that we’ve met in all these years touring trough Europe and beyond is the reason that these things work.
We started out as a very basic straight forward dbeat band but as those things go music evolves and we might get weirder and weirder by the day. We do like to stick close to our crusty hardcore souls and I guess you can hear that.
We released a tape that was later re-released by our good friend Jos on beautiful creamy white vinyl, this year we will release an EP trough Sabotage and Autoreverse, we missed playing and being part of our loved community a lot during the covid-times. We are very excited to play shows again and hopefully start touring again in 2022.
Into the abyss! OUST

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