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The Classic Moskwa demo on vinyl for the first time! The material was recorded in 1986, released by Prawda Tapes as the band’s debut. The cassette was available only in the underground; only to insiders who know where to look for it. A photocopied cover, very raw recordings and lyrics that would not pass the censors scissors gave a feeling that there was something organic and tangible that wasn’t controlled by the system. These twenty tracks of raging, fast hardcore-punk circulated from hand to hand around the country, copied endlessly. This is certainly one of the most important recordings of 80s Polish punk, which thanks Warsaw Pact Records, is now coming out on vinyl. These recordings were mastered from the original tapes in Studio As One. The first pressing is coming out in two versions – a limited edition, equipped with a folding poster, based on the original cover of the demo, with additional two booklets (a 10-page booklet, which is a faithful reproduction of the original zine made by the band in 1986 and passed out at their shows, as well as 16-page photo-zine containing photos of the band by excellent Polish artist Józef Robakowski). The regular version will be released with a cover by Prosiak and a 20-page booklet containing liner notes, pictures and memories from members of Moskwa from this period (Guma, Wózek and Balon).

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