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Down a dark and filthy cobbled lane where human decay has concentrated, the purulent cohort of slaughtered souls drawn in the pus of a decrepit universe. In an indecipherable but eternal night, the providential sewers pour out an infamous lot of lethal rot.
MORTUAIRE takes part in the endless battle, it’s the fruit of disgust and total gloom. Worthy heir of the 80’s most obscure and biting early death metal bands, this new french act gives a fatal sword strike under the form of three hard-hitting songs which overthrow the codes and defeat the commonplace of the genre.
The throbbing chaos has just begun, fans of ENTOMBED, AUTOPSY, NIHILIST or BOLT THROWER must be warned.
This was released as a demo by the band last year and WORLD EATER has the honor to give it the vinyl offering it deserves.
The record comes as a one sided 12’’ with silkscreen printed cover and side B. Recorded by MORTUAIRE’s guitar player Stéphane Miollan, mixed and mastered by Ben Jones.
Artwork by Duch Rien.

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