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2021 is the year Lima, Peru’s last Rock Subterráneo band turns 20 years old. Morbo has been around enough to fuck up freely and then to nail it. No worries and no hurry. Who even cares what people is into these days? They don’t.
To celebrate their anniversary we have the honor to release their latest work “¿A quién le echamos la culpa?”.
This four track recording was slow cooked and happened when it needed to. The best one yet. Maybe they will make a better one in the future but this is it: They just mastered their own brand of punk and you can clearly listen to the band’s maturity between the lines of topics like getting drunk and not wanting to go to work. They also talk about things like messianic politics and people pointing fingers to the few bad apples ignoring their own part in the sea of shit. As a cherry on the top they pay homage to their rocknroll ancestors Los Yorks and Zcuela Crrada. One can say Morbo is a synthesis of both eras of Peruvian music plus they add their own thing.
“¿A quién le echamos la culpa?” is really fun and also is about deep shit. That’s punk, right?
Cover art by the one and only Abraham Díaz.

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