Mentalité 81 – Génération Sacrifiée 7”

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Silkscreened B-Side – 350 copies- Two differents colours for the artwork (one is Violet the other yellow) – Two stickers inside (figurine Panini style)

The band Mentalité 81, from Brest, is composed of Jacky and Fab. Recorded in a hurry, in only two days, this demotape contains three incisive and angry tracks in the vein of the fast tracks of Syndrome 81. The first track “La France du Futur” draws up an alarming report of our current society and its evolution, while the second track “Les Jeunes” highlights the current youth and its difficulties with the refrain “Génération sacrifiée” which gives its title to the demotape. The third song, “Te Détruire”, deals with the difficulty of seeing a loved one sink into self-destruction, and is a call to action for a society that seems to turn its back on its most vulnerable members. This demotape is sure to please any fan of hardcore punk and meaningful music. (Members of Syndrome 81)

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