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The long-anticipated full length album from Croatia’s best kept secret brings nine bleak anthems full of hypnotic and repetitive feedback driven post-punk influenced by the 80s ex-Yu punk scene.

The dramatic vocals, ranging from yelling and shouting to spoken word, are accompanied by a procession of razor sharp guitar riffage, punchy bass and tight drumming all culminating into the bleak punk record that doesn’t shy from some of its influences, one of which is definitely GRČ’s cult dark punk album “Sloboda Narodu”.

There’s also something in the sound that reminds us of the death rock witchcraft CHRISTIAN DEATH’s RIKK AGNEW managed to pull off on their classic Only Theatre of Pain, but at the same time we must mention PADKAROSDA, a fairly recent band whose legacy sneaked from Budapest into Zagreb’s DIY rehearsal basements. Don’t sleep on this amazing record, it’s huge!

The band already toured the USA with the NAG and are one of the most hard working bands with their members currently involved in some other bands like THE CELETOIDS, INDIKATOR B and DEZINFORMACIJE.

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