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Established in 1983, ID is considered the first band from the Polish hardcore/punk scene to be inspired by the sound and energy of hardcore from the USA. Thanks to student exchanges in Krakow, tapes from the NYC and DC hardcore pioneers inspired members of the band. Over the years, they developed their own characteristic sound. Although throughout the 80s and 90s they were the one of the frontrunners of the independent hardcore/punk scene in Poland, they left behind only a vinyl EP and several cassettes. In 1991, the band entered the legendary Złota Skała (Gold Rock) studio and, under the supervision of Robert Brylewski, recorded excellent material for a full-length. They recorded 17 tracks which sounded fresh, dynamic, and with the specific sound of that studio were reminiscent a bit of the “Legenda” of Armia or the first material from Post Regiment recorded a bit later. Both bands were strongly associated with the band from Krakow. The enormous potential and talent of the team finally brought results and things were looking very optimistic for the future. Unfortunately, the band got involved with a record company, which actually inhibited their development, releasing their material only on cassette, and two years too late, in 1993. Twenty-five years have passed since this release, and it has been 35 years since the band formed. We decided it was time to finally release a vinyl record and CD with new mastering.

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