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Robots running riot, love, boring punks who write boring books: These are some topics Bunker City touch upon on this split-LP. The music? Punk rock energy, dark post-punk overtones and subtle pop sensibilities. Female and male vocals battling with a drum computer. It’s all there. Brack is an old school punk rock trio. In the spirit of heroes like the Ramones, the Lurkers and Bad Religion, Brack fires up a cannonade of short and sweet two-minute-bullets pointing straight to your hearts and perspiratory glands. Always getting to the bottom of life`s puzzles, Brack tell you not to take everything too hard but with black humor and power! Furthermore, the record comes with a 12-page booklet that contains four short stories by friends of the bands. One story is in English, the others are in German – that’s because both bands come from Northern Germany. Stay home, read a book – and listen to loud music!

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