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On September 15th, Bloomington, Indiana-based artist Austin Lucas will release the LP/CD and Cassette Reinventing Against Me!, a curated collection of eight of the iconic punk band’s songs – all in Lucas’ signature country style. The album, co-produced by Lucas and Jake Belser, will be released via Sabotage Records in Europe and GrindEthos Records / Immortal American Recording Co. in North America, unveiling a new label imprint of Lucas’ own.


Like most working musicians over the last couple of years, Lucas began to connect with fans through streamed performances. Rather than merely rehash the same show over and over again, Lucas decided to take the opportunity to pay tribute to some of the artists and bands that they loved. One of their choices has been a constant source of inspiration for Lucas for more than two decades–friends and musical peers Laura Jane Grace and her seminal punk band Against Me!.


“My love for them made it easy to decide on doing a streaming event that showcased her songs as a special event,” Lucas recalls. “After the event, which attained incredibly high viewership and praise from Laura herself, I made a joke to her on Twitter that if she wasn’t careful I would do a reinventing Against Me! album to which Laura basically ‘double dog dared’ me to see the project through. I’m generally not one to back down from a challenge, especially one as fun as changing Against Me! songs into country tunes, so I took the joke to its maximum potential and just went ahead and did it.” Lucas reimagined their favorites from the Against Me! Discography–“merely chosen because of my intense love for each and every one of these perfectly written anthems,” Lucas adds.




Over the last two decades, the name Austin Lucas has become synonymous with emotionally impactful and intellectual songwriting, and unparalleled live performances. The critically-acclaimed artist and community organizer has earned high praise for their unique blend of folk, punk, and country. With their songcrafting prowess and dynamic stage presence, it’s no surprise that Austin has shared stages with everyone from punk luminaries Face To Face and Against Me!, to alt-country icons Lucero and Sun Volt, to bonafide folk heroes Willie Nelson and Ray Price.


Lucas’ long history in the DIY punk scene forged an uncompromising attitude towards the way their art should be presented to the world. The desire to do things on their own terms has inspired countless artists over the years, while their iconoclastic heart has found them running afoul of industry executives– those who could see Austin’s place at the forefront of a cultural zeitgeist, yet preferred working with artists whose careers were seemingly easier to manipulate and commodify.


The “songwriters songwriter” will return to their “sometime” home on European shores for a series of special performances from the end of April until the end of May. For more news and information on Reinventing Against Me!, be sure to follow Austin Lucas at the links below.




Pints Of Guinness

Baby I’m An Anarchist

I Still Love You Julie

Walking Is Still Honest

We Did It All For Don

Black Me Out

Sink Florida Sink

Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious

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