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Reissue of this polish punk-rock classic! “(…)Originally formed in Poland back in 1989 and this is a re-release of their 2000 LP. It’s interesting that the songs are from the time span of 1989-1991. From what I read, this was their fourth LP or release. I’m guessing that writing music came slowly for this highly regarded band. It’s interesting that there is a Good Riddance cover, too, since their musical stylings are not similar. This band’s music is more in line with their Eastern European lineage in sound. More ‘80s than new millennium. Raw production that is more on the clean side. It gives the guitar sound that twangy tone. The punk rock is solid, though, with some sprinkling of metal riffs on some and a post punk edge on others, giving it the grit that it needs to keep my attention. Also, the playfulness with the new wave intros is a nice touch. I love releases like this. It’s like a history lesson on a new subject. – RAZORCAKE”

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