V/A Something to Dü: Husker Du Tribute

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“SOMETHING TO DÜ: A Tribute To Hüsker Dü” UNFUN/CROW BAIT/TENEMENT/BENT OUTTA SHAPE/DAUNTLESS ELITE/YOUR PEST BAND- 7″ Here it is, the long-awaited DIY punk rock tribute to one of punk rock’s best and most classic bands, HÜSKER DÜ! Featuring cover songs by UNFUN, CROW BAIT, TENEMENT, BENT OUTTA SHAPE, THE DAUNTLESS ELITE, & YOUR PEST BAND. Composed of punk bands from across the globe. Including an unreleased cover by NYC’s late great, Bent Outta Shape, which was meant for a Hüsker compilation that never saw the light of day. Perfect. Split released as a love connection for the band and each other by Dead Broke & Drunken Sailor. One-time pressing of 800 copies. 400 on Black, 100 on Green, 100 on Blue, 100 on Red, 100 on Orange vinyl. 4 alternate covers: 2 for US version, 2 UK version. Created in homage to the bands’ album art by Richard Heaven. (Comes w/download)

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