Syndrome 81 / Urban Savage – SPLIT 7”

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This split EP was in the works for quite some time, but today the word, or better said ‘the work’, finally came out – and it was about time! Because where Syndrome 81 dropped their last single little under a year ago, it has almost been two (long) years since I heard some new savagery by one of my favorite Swedish outfits out there, Malmö’s own Urban Savage. Luckily enough the counter can be reset to zero days for both bands, as they each present two new hits through Offside Records, Primator Crew and Urban Savage’s own Savage Records!

 First up is Syndrome 81. They’re from Brest, they’re French, so you’ll love them no matter what. Actually, you should still love them, because if you haven’t heard from these guys in the past three or four years you have been either living under a rock or you haven’t paid much attention to this page (or at least pretended that you didn’t pay attention). The recipe of the French is still the same, so obviously they lost a bit of that shine a brand new band has, but with that being said, these guys still sound superb! With “N’oublie Jamais” and “Le Condor De La Rade” you’ll get another dose of excellent, fast-paced punkrock you fans of Criminal Damage will love – like me. Still one of the best, newish French bands out there!

 Over to the flipside where you’ll find Urban Savage. Probably not as loveable as their French counterparts, most likely due to their lack of French-ness, but they’re coming out strong and out for destruction anyway! And total destruction is what you will get on their first track “Cruel World (Cruel New Order)”. Doomsday is upon us sooner than later and this vile, sluggish stomper is the perfect soundtrack to the downfall of planet earth – goodbye cruel world! But please, wait another minute and 46 seconds, so I can enjoy “Darwin Against The Machines” one more time! More heavyweight oomph, more madness for fans of a band such as Concrete Elite and more blood on the dancefloor, especially after the last 20 seconds – in which both band and crowd get the opportunity to unleash their rage! Banger!

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