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Debut EP from this new Swedish hardcore band. Poffen from Totalitär is on vocals (how many bands does he sing for anyway?) and as you might expect the sound is very Totalitär-esque. That might be enough description for some people, but if you’re super into the sound you might find yourself asking, “BUT WHICH ERA OF TOTALITÄR DOES HE MEAN?” Well, Stress SS are in the vein of Totalitär’s more straightforward earlier material… the production sounds quite similar to Sin Egen Motstandare and the riffs are simpler and more driving, along the lines of the early EP tracks collected on the Wallbreaker CD. This is pretty much a patented sound nowadays, and while there are a lot of imitators no one does it like the originals, and the six songs on this EP constitute a stone-cold Swedish hardcore banger. Highly recommended.

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