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The Scortilla were formed in 1979, influenced by DEVO, punk and early wave bands. They only ‘hit’ was Fahrenheit 451, released on major label in 1984.

Architects of live act with a great sound and visual impact have played around Italy to the hideouts of the underground music by establishing their headquarters at the Psycho Club of Genoa, the cradle of true art rock scene of that period. Intransigent about their artistic choices, the band closed their career after the only vinyl release. This anthology collects the recordings of the first period of the band, absolutely amazing material. Tracks like “Military rendez- vous”, “Chanson de non amour”, “Dresden”, “Climax”, “ADA”, “Mirror Dance”, “Inside” and also their ‘hit Fahrenheit 451, published by the WEA in the summer of 1984, are on this vinyl. For all those that consider Gaznevada and italian ‘new wave’ at the same level of euro stuff, this is a record that consume up to pulverize! Absolute masterpiece!

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