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Schwach is political Youth-Crew-German-Punk from Berlin. They put out a Demotape and a 7“ and now they’re going to release their Debut-Album. The four guys met eachother at work in a Fast Food restaurant and decided to create a band while making fries. „Kein Bock“ means you don’t want to do something, don’t want to invest any energy into it – basically you don’t give a shit. The lyrics are in German (with English descriptions). They deal with things such as being a person in a neoliberalist society, the production of palm oil, being against work and for a class war and personal stuff like friendship or how cool it is to skate.You can hear that the guys like traditional Youth-Crew, like Reaching Forward or Mindset but also have classic German Punk bands like …But Alive or Slime in their record collection. Political! Powerful! Lovable! Get into it!   LP is coming out as a co-release between Refuse Records, Raccoone Records and Antikörper Export Records.

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