ISOLIERBAND – Keine Gnade 7″

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Originally issued in 1982 this 7″ is a very special piece of German Punk DIY Minimal Wave Synth!
Well that’s a bunch of different kindsa chicken you might say and you is right…but the truth is..A side: Keine Gande is a mega primitive to the core German Punk song as only Germans can do it in the vain of Canalterror and such..lyricwise..the music is even worse or better..if you are like me on the primitive side of town! The B side..well when I found this on a fleamarket 22 Years ago..I didn’t know what to make of it..anyway these days it is an in demand Minimal Wave Synth Pusher and I really got to liking it!
Long story short..we found the band and the main man behind it and to be honest w find such a pinnacle of German Underground, even so featured on some records that maybe already in your collection if you like Vinyl On Demand or Was Soll Das Platten, untouched, with several complete unreleased full blown recordings (no tape recorded muffled sound shit…!!!)  to be future RLR releases…we are kinda flubbergasted ourselfs!!! several releases by several different projects comming soon..

7″ faithfully remastered by Tim Warren.

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