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Brand new self-released 7″ from London’s FRAU. Four brand new songs which are their most chaotic, fast and hardest yet. In my own humble opinion this is without doubt the best thing to come out of London so far this year. You need it!

This is what Sorry State Records had to say about their previous 7″, which is probably the best description I’ve read so far:
” Frau features Ash from Good Throb on vocals, and while I would venture to guess that Good Throb fans will dig Frau, it might be for different reasons. Far less straightforward than their demo, this 7″ is a sound I haven’t heard before… quirky, agitated, hyper-fast, aggressive but not tough… it’s basically everything that I want punk to be. I guess you can draw comparisons with any number of minimal, aggressive bands (anything from the Urinals to very early Wire to Kleenex to Good Throb themselves), but Frau are truly their own beast. Listening to this is like happening upon some raw, undiscovered European lady-punk gem from early 80s Europe, and if you treasure records of that ilk you NEED this like you need few other modern records.”

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