FORT BS – 1986 LP

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FORT BS from Poland is another punk memory of long gone times. In the mid 80’s they made an electrifying impression for two reasons: the mixture of punk and coldwave and their great lyrics immersed in filthy PRL ugliness. I do not know if they still sound up-to-date as they did under communism, but 25 years ago they were the only antidote to the then fucked reality. In the spring of 1986, the band recorded a dozen of their songs in an amateur’s studio. Soon after that, a friend of the band released it on cassette. It was one of the first independent Polish punk rock release. After several years, they decided to transfer the demo on vinyl. In addition to punk “hits” (“punk side”), there are also less known songs, recorded during their coldwave phase (“cold side”). In this second incarnation, FORT BS sounded dark and desperate, but not quite like Joy Division. They played “cold wave” entirely in their own way, original and unique. Mastering helped a lot, but the quality of these recordings still does not remind of today’s standards. Any way you look at it, this album is the true history of the band.

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