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A record like one of those you used to dub on tape and listened to on a stroll underneath a concrete sky in your industrial town. And while you looked up the grey tower buildings surrounding you, you suddenly felt the darkness crushing in on you. And your sadness went along with your anger and you took a look inside the windows and the music just screamed inside you.
And for a moment you just forgot everything you lacked and you just felt good. DYSCONTROL from Halifax/Canada (the new band of David Brown of CAREER SUICIDE) have captured this old feeling on their first full length, a record that makes you stomp and shiver. The dry and direct sound of the songs really define what is so excessively used under the monicker of Post-Punk these days.
There are the WIPERS and MISSION OF BURMA influenced mid-tempo creepers “Common threat”, “Problem solution” or “Conductor” with their anthemic bass lines and choruses. But there are also the faster “Somnambulist” or “End of days” that sound like late 80 UK Punks CRISIS and songs like “Where you live” and “On my side” that will remind you of the STATUES in their darker mood.
All over this record there is this certain feeling of aggressive melancholia that reaches you deep down, grabs you and does not let you go. A record you definitely do not want to live without anymore. Mastered by Rob Seaton of the STATUES.

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